Ansible ala Macbook

Ansible controlled via MacBook

My new Macbook Air is now my primary computer so I'm going to use it as my controller for all things Ansible. Here is essentially a cheat sheet.


Here is a current list of playbooks that I use and what they do:

  • CheckForUpdates.yaml - Simply check for updates and show the output from each server. I still would like to format the output somehow to clean it up and only displays the important stuff.
  • DockerDown.yaml - I have two servers that use Docker. Sometimes, I need to send a "docker-compose down" to safely stop my containers.
  • Install.yaml - All of my servers are Ubuntu so this playbook uses the Apt module to install single or multiple packages.
  • IsPackageInstalled.yaml - A simple check to see if a defined package is installed.
  • RebootServers.yaml - Once updates are done or if things are getting gnarly, send a simple reboot to all servers. I still want to reformat this to send "docker-compose down" to only my Docker servers, then send the reboot command.
  • ShutdownServers.yaml - Only if I'm performing maintenance to my virtual host.
  • UpdateServers.yaml - Using the Apt module, update the Apt cache, check for updates and update all available updates. Did I mention it updates?

Running Playbooks

Run a Playbook on all servers:

sudo ansible-playbook checkforupdates.yaml -i servers -u USERNAME -K

Run a Playbook on only one server:

sudo ansible-playbook install.yaml SERVER -u USERNAME -K

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