New Core

A Fresh Coat of Paint


The day has finally come to put the new site out for the world to see, even if it is a barebones site with little content! I wanted to take some time, take a break from coding, to write out about the new Core, some of the decisions I made and why, and where this is all headed. This discussion will be broken out into smaller, bite-sized pieces so that way it's not a burden to read (or write).

Focus and Purpose

I started Core as a Digital Garden back in the summer of 2021 after learning what a Digital Garden was and how other people were maintaining theirs. I've had blogs and websites in the past, but I missed having something to take care of, cultivate and grow. Having an outlet to write about the things I found interesting or am passionate about is important to me, whether I do so publically or privately in a journal. It's also nice to have something online that you can point people to if they want to know more about you. Finally, I believe that it is important to share knowledge with others at all costs. It really sucks to search for something and it's locked behind a paywall. We should all be willing to teach and share what we know with one another.

Core was designed with a few key words in mind: simple, minimal, quick. I wanted Core to be very simple in every way: from the way it is administered on the back end to the reader viewing it. I also wanted things to be minimal and as less distracting as possible. This includes my workflow in writing and the design of the site. Finally, I wanted Core to be fast. Luckily in our day and age, creating static sites and following some basic guidelines can result in a small, lightning fast site.

The first version of Core took on the general idea of what you should do with a Digital Garden: consistently adding any and every thing to it, letting it grow naturally, maintaining a clean, minimal asthetic, following some basic rules and principals. I want to keep this idea going, but maybe in a more "controlled chaos" way. If there is something that I feel that needs to be added to Core, then it will be added. Core is not and will not be a junk pile of stuff. Keeping things neat and tidy is important to me, therefore Core will follow.

What about all of the old stuff, the old articles and posts?

I've decided that all of the old posts and articles will be hidden away for now, mainly because I feel that I wrote a lot of them in a hurry and they need some desperate help. If I get the inspiration to go through some old posts or articles and re-write them, I will post them here.

I'm really excited about the future of Core and where it's going. Heck, even I don't know where it's going but we will all find out together.

I have a working to-do list of things I want to add to the site and current bugs that need to be worked out.

In the next post, I will discuss the design decisions. Should be a short post!

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