Today, I continued to read "How Linux Works" and started refreshing myself on some basic Linux commands, such as cat, ls, touch, and echo.

Also, I was able to discuss some things with other SysAdmins on the official Reddit SysAdmin Discord channel. They linked me over to KodeKloud, which is a training and hands-on site for DevOps learning. I'm honestly close to purchasing a month to try it out and go through a course or two before committing to an annual subscription.

One thing that I've got to work on soon is backing up my dots files and desktop setup just in case anything happens.

Finally, I continued to tweak my BSPWM setup. I was able to settle with a single Polybar at the top with my desktops, date/time and network info. Also, I learned a few keyboard shortcuts to resize windows and move them around. Still not used to a tiling window manager but I'm . . . managing.

Hoping that tomorrow I can start a course on KodeKloud in between a few meetings.

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