Today is pretty simple. I did a little more messing around with BSPWM, configuring some things and just playing around, nothing fancy. It's one thing to look at screenshots and videos of tiling window managers, but it's another thing to use them. Still need to make some tweaks and get a few other things working like Polybar and Rofi.

I downloaded the book "How Linux Works" by Brian Ward, so I'll start reading that at some point this week to go over some basics.

I've also downloaded and configured KVM/qEMU, however there is one big issue. I typically bridge my VMs to my physical NIC so that I can interface with it, however with KVM, I don't have an easy way to bridge the adaptor. It reminds me of how Windows 10 does when you install Hyper-V: it takes over the physical NIC and then you manage your static IP with the bridged adaptor. I think I can create a new bridged adaptor, connect my physical NIC and then that's it, but I haven't had time today to really dive into it.

I also downloaded Terraform but I'm not seeing a good way to integrate it with VirtualBox yet.

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